Teal Simba 11Pcs Fitness Equipment Resistance Band Set

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This is updated version, bigger hook.  New arrival


Product description:

Red (50 lb), black (40 lb), green (30 lb), blue (20 lb), yellow (10 lb). All sport belts can be used individually or in combination, with a maximum equivalent of 150 pounds.

The resistance tubes set can help everyone – male or female, professional athlete or beginner.

11 fitness tension rope sets: including 5 rubber bands, 2 handles, 1 door anchor, 2 ankle straps and 1 handbag.

You can also use it for yoga, warm-up before exercise, strength training or physical therapy rehabilitation.

This resistance wire kit comes with a cloth bag, which is very compact and easy to carry.



The features of the latex tube: made of natural latex material, easy to decompose.

High elasticity: the general tensile force can be 3-6 times in its own range, and the maximum tensile force can reach 8 times.

Durable: our letsfit resistance tube is not easy to be deformed and not easy to break.

Other functions: anti-static and anti-radiation.

Package included:

Pull rope * 5

Ankle strap * 2

Grip * 2

Fixed anchor * 1

Black cloth bag * 1


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